Gambling with Responsibility

Last updated: 05/10/2023 For your own benefit, please read this information carefully.

Interpretation and Definitions

  1. Interpretation
    1. The words in which the initial letter is capitalized have meanings defined under the following conditions. These meanings remain the same regardless of whether the definitions appear singular or plural.
  2. Definitions
    For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions:
    1. Account means a unique account created for you to access our Service or parts of our Service.
    2. Company (referred to as either "the Company," "We," "Us," or "Our" in this Agreement) refers to ComicPlay Casino.
    3. Service refers to the Website.
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    5. You means the individual accessing or using the Service, or the Company, or other legal entity on behalf of which such individual is accessing or using the Service, as applicable.
Responsible Gambling and Self-Exclusion Option

Responsible Gambling

  1. For the majority of our Users, gambling means entertainment, fun, and excitement. But we also know that for some of our Users, gambling may have negative side effects too. For many years, pathological gambling has been regarded as a serious illness in medical science. As a responsible Company, we know about this problem and do our best to help.
  2. That is why we have created a Responsible Gambling Policy that contains multiple steps of measures intended to lower the possibility of negative side effects from gambling appearing. However, in case such effects do occur, we are ready to take active steps against them.
  3. We rely on education about the risks of gambling as the most important instrument for supporting our Users' self-control and neutralizing the negative side effects from gambling.

Information and Contact

  1. If, by any chance, you start feeling that your gaming behavior is out of control, please get in touch with our Live Support via [email protected] - they will help you at all times without any additional costs. Please note that our Live Support by no means will give out any information about you to third parties without your consent unless otherwise stated in Privacy Policy.
  2. If you have any doubts about your gaming behavior, you can also take a self-test at:
  3. You can find more information about gambling addictions at:

Helpful Hints for Responsible Gambling at ComicPlay Casino

  1. The following hints are meant to help you ensure that gambling stays fun for you and does not have any negative side effects:
    1. Set a deposit limit
      Define the amount of money you can play with according to your current financial situation before starting the game.
    2. Do not try to win back a loss at any cost
      Avoid chasing the losses in the heat of the moment. Keep in mind that gambling is entertainment but not a source of income.
    3. Set a time limit
      Define the time you want to spend in a game, and do not break this limit. While gambling can be one of your hobbies, it shouldn't be the only one.
    4. Play smart
      Avoid playing in the moment of anger, irritation, or stress. Furthermore, we recommend avoiding playing under the influence of medications, drugs, or alcohol.
    5. Take breaks
      Take breaks when you are getting tired or can't concentrate anymore.

Minor Protection

  1. Our Service is intended solely for audiences 18 years or more. To avoid possible abuse, please keep your login data safe from any minors who may have access to your devices.
  2. As a rule, we recommend using a filter program to protect minors, especially children, against any potentially dangerous content on the Internet. The list of recommended parental control software can be found here:

Self-Exclusion Option

  1. In case you are diagnosed with addiction or try to stay away from gambling for whatever reason, we are ready to provide you with our Self-Exclusion option. This feature lets you exclude yourself from accessing your Account, placing deposits, and playing on our Website. The creation of a new Account is prohibited too, and any attempt will be considered a violation of our Terms and Conditions. This exclusion can be temporary (known as Cooling-off Option) or permanent. The self-exclusion or cooling-off option can be requested at any time by contacting our Live Support via [email protected].
  2. Please keep in mind that for your own protection, approved Self-Exclusion can not be undone until the allotted time is over.