The Best Slots Are Waiting for You at ComicPlay Casino

It’s too hard not to fall in love with online slot games. The soothing sounds of spinning reels, hot streaks, and difficult-to-predict results create only once-in-a-lifetime gambling experiences.
With that in mind, ComicPlay has prepared the finest collection of classic and brand-new slot games that you can play whenever and wherever you want. So grab your tablet, computer, or smartphone, and let the entertainment begin — start the bright superheroic adventures in our Casino. The best part of it is that you don’t need to download any slots since they are available online.
Are you ready to find out more? Let’s jump in!

Online Slots — What Are They?

Online slots are casino games in which you make a bet on the outcome of a spin. Like in real slot machines, you can win if the symbols match up on the reels. All you need to do is just spin as much as you can, enjoy your game, and let your fortune do the rest.

Why Are Online Slots So Popular?

Enjoyable visual effects and simple gameplay explain why these games are well-liked among both novice and highly experienced gamblers. The other reasons that lie behind it are that slots online are:
  1. Easy to learn for beginners. The winning streak depends purely on luck and doesn’t require special skills to learn. Just log into your account, find your favorite game, and — voilà — you have a hell of fun.
  2. Abundant. There are numerous slots on the gambling market — from 3 reel classic slot machines to progressive ones.
  3. Accessible. Online slots are available to play despite time and location. An Internet connection and some money on your balance are the primary things that you need to have.
  4. Entertaining. Slots include many interactive gaming features, be it an unusual wild symbol or a peculiar structure of the reels. With slots, you’ll never be bored wherever you are –– whether at home or on a long-awaiting vacation.
  5. Enriching. Online slots have high payout ratios and generally pay up to x1000 or more, which means that you’ll get the possibility to win big.

What Are the Common Types of Online Slots?

To make the most out of your gambling on slots, you need to know about their classification. In general, we can divide them into these types:
  1. Progressive slots. Each bet increases the jackpot, up until someone takes it all. Maybe you’ll be the lucky devil, huh?
  2. Classic slot games. The design of these games is based on the design of land-based machine slots. They usually have 3 reels with such well-known symbols as 7s, fruits, bars, and diamonds.
  3. Branded slots. Television series, popular movies, or celebrities are the main themes of such games.
  4. Video slot games. They have 4 (or sometimes more) reels and include cool visual and audio side effects.

What Influences Your Chances of Winning in a Slot Game at ComicPlay Casino?

Online slots are like roller coasters. The more you experience their thrilling vibe, the more you want. But, except for emotions, there are some important terms connected with the gambling process.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

RNG is part and parcel of all casino slot machines. This technology ensures fair play and relies on algorithms that generate symbols or numbers.
In slots, RNG works like this:
  1. While the reels are spun, the slot machine generator uses a seed to define which numbers or symbols will appear.
  2. RNG has entropy (randomness that ensures authentic results in slot games), which means that with every spin, there is a probability of matching the symbols.
  3. Computational generation methods are part of RNG technology. In online slots, the said algorithms create the sequences of numbers or symbols.
Thanks to the mentioned qualities, you can’t predict or somehow influence the final result, making the process even more fascinating.

Return to Player (RTP)

It’s the percentage of all money placed on wagering that an online slot will pay you back over time. For instance, if you make one hundred bets of $1 and play a game with an RTP of 90%, you’ll potentially receive $90 once you win.
The RTP is calculated in the following way: the total amount of money returned to players divided by the total amount played.


It estimates the possible risk of losing a bet in online gambling. While playing real money slots, you need to keep in mind the level of volatility such as low, medium, and high if you want to have a greater chance to win. Let’s have a closer look at them below:
  • Low volatility. Video slot machines with low volatility give you more opportunities to have a winning deal, but they have relatively small jackpots (they range between 250-500 times per bet).
  • Medium volatility. Such slot games offer higher anticipated wins, but the chances of getting them are lower.
  • High volatility. These slots are excellent for those who have a big bankroll and enough patience to chase a huge reward of up to 3,000-10,000 times per initial wager.

The Key Features That May Help You Win in Real Online Slots

Almost every casino game is like a never-ending quest for finding the best way to win. However, with online slots, you can simply enjoy their additional features that can increase your luck in a game. So let’s unravel them!


They replace other symbols on the reels (usually except for scatters) to create a winning combination for players.
There are different types of wilds such as:
  • Stacked. These wilds stack on top of each other on the reels that hit all the paylines and boost the chance to win.
  • Expanding. The symbol fills the whole reel increasing the possibilities of having more wins.
  • Sticky. These wilds give an additional spin to play slot games in the next round.
  • Overlay. They appear on the reels in various shapes to take over a different symbol.

Free Spins

With them, you can spin the reels while playing online slots without any payment. Instead of cash, the game will use free spins every time you press the Play button. Being a part of a bonus round of the game, free spins may also be given as a part of ComicPlay offers, such as a generous welcome package. As a rule, free spins come with certain conditions such as wagering requirements, the bet size, the available slots, and time, so please make sure you’ve familiarized yourself with them beforehand.


The combination of these symbols can multiply a payout or give a reward of free spins. Scatters take numerous forms, and they are easily noticeable when they land on the reels. So when you play casino slot machines online, you’ll never miss out on seeing a scatter symbol.

Progressive Jackpot

They are wonderful prizes that can be won in online slot machines. Here the jackpot increases every time someone places a bet, so it keeps on rising until the lucky one gets it all.

Simple Instruction on How to Play Slot Games in Our Casino

The more luck you have, the higher your winnings are — it’s a general rule of how online slot games function.
You can play on any of our real money slots by following these simple steps:
  • Log into your ComicPlay Casino account or create one if you haven’t registered yet.
  • Find your favorite slot by typing its name in the Search field. Or you can click on the Slots section in the left-side sidebar of the Lobby and search for a game in the Slots library.
  • Try out a demo version of the game if you’re not familiar with it or want to understand its rules better.
  • Once you are ready to go big, place a bet to play slots online for real money.
  • Click on the Spin button and start your game!
If Lady Luck is on your side, you’ll meet a winning combination of symbols on a payline soon.

The Most Popular Online Slots at ComicPlay Casino

Our Online Casino is proud to have the finest selection of slots. No matter what game storyline you are into — be it a cops-and-robbers or carnival theme — you’ll find the way of how to while the hours away in a delightful manner.
You are welcome to test your luck and play the next one-of-a-kind slot games, powered by RealTime Gaming (RTG) software provider:
  • Cash Bandits 3. Join the thrill-seeking chase for cash with robbers. Engaging storyline and top-notch design — there is no wonder why Cash Bandits 3 is loved by millions of gamblers across the globe.
  • Plentiful Treasure. Feel the real mystery of the classic Chinese culture by playing it. Plentiful Treasure also has amazing graphics and enticing features.
  • Mardi Gras Magic. Dive into the carnival environment with its feathered masks and colorful cocktails. Stunning graphics and entertaining features will make your day shine without a doubt.
  • Achilles Deluxe. Immerse yourself in the authentic world of ancient Greece and meet Achilles, Paris, and Helen on the reels. Well-balanced design and exceptional features will captivate your mind when you play Achilles Deluxe.
  • 5 Wishes. Take part in the mind-blowing adventures together with Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie from the magic golden lamp. Spectacular graphics and superb features will definitely lighten up your mood.
The collection of games is constantly growing with new titles at Comic Play Casino. For example, you can try these slots:
  • Sparky 7. Marvel at flying sparks while spinning the reels of this online slot game. The appealing design and fascinating gameplay will ignite your play with endless joy and excitement.
  • Miami Jackpots. Soak up the upbeat atmosphere of the beach party in Miami. It’s one of the slot games that will surely impress you with its beautiful design and interesting gameplay.

Have a Lot of Fun and Play Our Online Slots!

Do you want to give our online Casino a try? If you do, just create an account, join our fantastic community of superheroes, find your favorite online slot game, and enjoy endless thrill and pleasure while you are playing online slots. Luckily, ComicPlay has lots of them. And remember: now it’s your time to be a hero.